The world has changed, and what about you?

Our mission is to help one million of Moroccans to live by multiplying their sources of income. We are as a private school of entrepreneurship, courses, coaching sessions, a community!

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This training is your first key to understand the basics of independent living and to take action. If you have just come to this page, we would highly recommend it to you.

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LIVE FROM affiliate marketing

A simple and easy source of income for beginners? We are offering you a free training course on affiliate marketing techniques in order to give you the confidence to hit the first sales figures, the course is 100% free.

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Here is the last step of our offer today! Live4us adventure is the most complete and most advanced course for people who have more desire to be successful.

What is Live4us ?

Live4us is a community for young Moroccan entrepreneurs, freelancers, and investors, founded by Yannick Chastin, who is also an entrepreneur and investor with 15 years of experience.

This community aims to collect and educate Moroccans on different skills used on the web because it is not learned in the classic school.

The objective is to help for have other sources of incomes than the current ways of payment.

Welcome to the first community for entrepreneurship in Morocco

Our mission is to help one million Moroccans make a better life for themselves by multiplying their sources of income. We are as a private school of entrepreneurship, we will give courses, coaching sessions around a community !

Who is Yannick Chastin ?

Since 15 years, Yannick Chastin, e-expert E-Commerce, Amazon FBA and Dropshipping, Entrepreneur, Investor, is passionate about helping people to master web marketing strategies and to move to the next level by multiplying their sources of incomes.

Yannick adopts a simple and clear approach to go to the heart of the matter. Many students and young entrepreneurs have relied primarily on knowledge accumulation, without focusing on practice. This is where Yannick comes in to push them to take the first step.

Yannick is also most proud of being able to contribute to a better world within the Moroccan community by creating the Live4us community, which aims to help 1 million Moroccans succeed in life beyond their social and educational background. Because everyone deserves to be happy and to live a good life rather than survive, he spends his energy giving back to those who need it most.

After spending many years in Morocco, Yannick fell in love with the generosity of this beautiful country and decided to plant the roots of the live4us adventure here, in his second country after France.